A question of ‘frustration’: Does Gov. John Bel Edwards support the death penalty?

Does Gov. John Bel Edwards support the death penalty? It’s a question that chief political rival Attorney General Jeff Landry has been pushing for weeks now, with no clear answer from the governor, who has repeatedly deferred to state law on the matter and dismissed questions about his personal views on the topic.

“The biggest frustration is that the governor just won’t give us an answer. For me, it’s an issue that is a frustration for all of the constituents of Louisiana who are asking the same question,” Landry said in a recent interview with The Advocate. “We’re not asking the governor a particularly tough question.”

Edwards, a Democrat, and Landry, a Republican who has admitted he’s eyeing a run for governor next year, have frequently been at odds on a number of topics, but the death penalty question has continued to simmer as the state agreed that it will carry out no executions at least for another year as a legal battle wages over the state’s lethal injection protocol…


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