Are Shale and Biomethane the Future of the Gas Industry?

Could shale and biomethane represent the future of gas? That was the speculation at the 2017 Future Energy Scenarios event. Here, we will look at each of these sources of gas to find out just how they are being used and if they have the potential to become the most used form of gas of the future…

Shale gas and its extraction are hot topics in both mainstream and industry-specific news, with the practice of hydraulic fracturing — or fracking — being strongly debated day by day. On one side, the UK government has argued that shale gas stands to deliver the nation with increased energy security, growth and jobs. However, there is a counter argument that the method for extracting shale gas — which involves water being injected into ‘shale’ rock formations at a high pressure to extract gas — runs the risk of having a ruinous impact on the environment. The process is also very expensive.

Another source of criticism regards fossil fuels. Many critics vehemently believe that the fracking technique extends fossil fuel use, as well as heightens the risk of water being polluted. What’s more, some even attest that the process can cause earthquakes. Steve Mason, of cross-party pressure group Frack Free United, underlined: “This Tory government is backing fracking and forging on with a ludicrous dirty energy policy. It is time for them to wake up and listen to their own reports, the voice of the public in areas under threat and halt all fracking activity now”…


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