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President XI Likely to Keep Crude Tariffs Sidelined

Although there is no off-ramp in sight for the trade war between the U.S. and China, stability and energy security are more important for the Chinese leadership than the need to ‘win’ the trade war with the U.S., according to ESAI Energy’s latest ChinaWatch report. The first version of the $16 billion list of products […]

Can U.S. Shale Stop A Global Oil Supply Crisis?

Despite an expected slowdown in Permian growth rates, the U.S. shale patch is increasing production and will continue to do so this year and next. Oil market investors and analysts are currently very much focused on the demand side, with concerns over the potential of trade wars to curb oil demand growth. On the supply […]

U.S. oil gains offsetting OPEC losses

U.S. oil production is offsetting OPEC losses and keeping oil prices in check, though trends in fuel supplies are indicative of negativity, a trade group said. The U.S. Energy Information Administration reported total crude oil production for the week ending Aug. 10 at 10.9 million barrels per day, meaning the United States is on par […]

Russian Oil Industry Would Weather US ‘Bill From Hell’

Stiff new United States sanctions against Russia would only have a limited impact on its oil industry because it has drastically reduced its reliance on Western funding and foreign partnerships and is lessening its dependence on imported technology. Western sanctions imposed in 2014 over Russia’s annexation of Crimea have already made it extremely hard for […]

EIA Reports Shock Inventory Increase Despite Strong Refining

The U.S. Energy Department’s inventory release showed that crude stockpiles recorded a shock weekly build despite strong refinery utilization. On a further bearish note, distillate inventories jumped, while domestic oil production continues to be robust. As a result, the front month West Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude futures moved down 3% (or $2.03) to end at […]

Cash flow soars for Russia’s Gazprom Neft

Russian oil producer Gazprom Neft said Thursday its free cash flow improved more than 70 percent from last year, though production increased by 2 percent. The company in its second-half announcement said revenues increased 24.4 percent from the same period last year and free cash flow of $708 million marked a 77 percent increase over […]

Crude oil prices barely recover after Wednesday’s loss

Crude oil prices were moving in positive territory ahead of the start of U.S. trading after major losses in the previous session, though concerns remain on the horizon. The price for Brent crude oil finished lower by 2.35 percent on Wednesday after the U.S. Energy Information Administration reported U.S. crude oil inventories swelled by 6.8 […]

Natural Gas Price Forecast – natural gas markets drift slightly lower

Natural gas markets have been in a major consolidation area for some time, swinging between $2.70 on the bottom, and $3.00 on the top, which extends to the $3.10 level. In other words, we have been range bound for so long that it is one of the easier markets the play but you need to […]

Louisiana commission blocks two banks from $600 million road plan because of gun sales policies

The State Bond Commission barred two of the largest banks in the world from participating in efforts to fund some highway projects in Louisiana because of firearms policies instituted after recent mass shootings. On 7-6 vote, the commission excluded Citigroup Inc., the nation’s third largest bank, and Bank of America Merrill Lynch, the second largest, […]

Ex-Gov. Bobby Jindal: ‘Media has gone so shrill with President Trump’

Former Gov. Bobby Jindal says he thinks that the media is treating President Donald Trump unfairly, as the president continues to ramp up his anti-press rhetoric. “The media has gone so shrill with President Trump … They are so shrill that the only people watching and reading some of these networks now are liberal activists,” […]