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Spark and Dark Spreads Indicate Profitability of Natural Gas, Coal Power Plants

Relative profits for some natural gas- and coal-fired generators in several Midwestern and Mid-Atlantic states may have decreased since 2016 because of higher natural gas and coal prices and lower wholesale electricity prices. A common measure of profitability for power plants within a region is the difference between their input fuel costs, such as the […]

Lake Pontchartrain oil rig explosion: Officials continue search for missing worker, brace to clean up possible spill

Lake Pontchartrain oil rig explosion: Officials continue search for missing worker, brace to clean up possible spill

Officials were prepared to search through the night Sunday for one person reported missing following an oil platform explosion in Lake Pontchartrain northwest of Kenner that sent seven others to the hospital. Five of the wounded were taken to New Orleans’ University Medical Center in critical condition for treatment of blast and burn injuries, with […]

Political Horizons: Legislative Kumbaya moment likely to be shortened by coming elections

Perhaps feeling that voters are reaching the end of their tolerance for dysfunctional government, Louisiana House members of both parties gathered Thursday to talk about how to deal with the impending “fiscal cliff.” Fiscal staff told the legislators that the state would be $1.52 billion short of the money necessary to pay for today’s level […]

In Louisiana treasurer’s race, these 2 candidates headed to runoff

In Louisiana treasurer’s race, these 2 candidates headed to runoff

Democrat Derrick Edwards and Republican John Schroder made the runoff Saturday in the race for state treasurer. Republican Angele Davis, of Baton Rouge, placed third, with 99 percent of the precincts reporting. Edwards, a New Orleans attorney, was expected to secure a spot in the runoff as the sole Democrat in the race despite raising […]

What’s Stopping An Oil Price Rally?

Oil supply disruptions, high OPEC oil cut deal compliance rates, an extra-violent hurricane season, and the threat of new U.S. sanctions against Iran have fed optimism in oil markets over the past couple of months. Yet there’s bad news for bulls: a growing number of experts and industry insiders warn that the lower-for-longer scenario is […]

Iraqi forces capture North Oil Co. from Kurdish forces; no disruption to oil production

Iraqi on Monday forces captured the headquarters for the North Oil Company, northwest of Kirkuk, and a nearby refinery from Kurdish forces, without fighting, an Iraqi oil official said. Iraq forces moved into the premises of Iraqi state-owned North Oil after taking the nearby K1 airbase, the Kirkuk-based official told Reuters. They were also deploying […]

Nigeria: Alternative Energy May Force Oil Prices Down to $10 Per Barrel, Says Expert

As alternative energy fuels continue to attract more investors across the world, oil prices are poised to crash to just $10 per barrel, an expert has said. In an interview with CNBC on Friday, Chris Watling, chief executive of Longview Economics, said the crash may be experienced over the next six to eight years. In […]

U.S. Exports of Liquefied Natural Gas Deserve Policy Support

The U.S. is ready to continually drop a cannonball splash into the global liquefied natural gas (LNG) export business, a market that is rapidly growing and evolving. From 2016-2020, per the latest projections – which are even more bullish than previous ones – we will account for about half of the 20 Bcf/d of new export capacity worldwide (worldwide […]

Louisiana Spotlight: Booming Medicaid growth a GOP target in Louisiana

Louisiana’s Republican elected officials have targeted the Medicaid program as a behemoth that will suck up every available dollar if the state, which is struggling with continuing financial problems, doesn’t get it under control. By fulfilling one of his major campaign promises, Gov. John Bel Edwards has given them more ammunition for their grousing, by […]

Louisiana treasurer candidates

This weekend, voters from around the state will select the next state treasurer. That position became vacant in January when former treasurer John Kennedy was sworn in as a U.S. senator. Angele Davis is no stranger to government. Before moving into the private sector, Davis was Governor Mike Foster’s deputy commissioner of administration and later […]