Big On The Boom: Trump’s Infrastructure Plan Looks Like A Total Business Score

By removing unnecessary obstacles to new energy development, the Trump administration has helped unleash a domestic energy boom. U.S. energy production is growing so quickly that the U.S. Energy Information Administration predicts the U.S. will reach record-setting levels of oil and natural gas production this year. Building on this success would lead to still more energy-fueled economic growth.

Although energy infrastructure does not appear in early leaked versions of the Trump administration’s infrastructure plan, the President has demonstrated a keen understanding of the connection between domestic energy production and economic growth. His willingness to facilitate energy development in other areas has led directly to a revitalized U.S. energy sector that is already changing global energy markets.

With his executive orders on offshore drilling, pipeline permitting processes, and the Keystone XL and Dakota Access Pipelines, the President has removed obstacles that were holding back U.S. economic growth. Incorporating this approach into the White House’s infrastructure plan would make the plan even stronger and would deliver a bigger payoff for the American people…


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