BRIGGS: Pipelines, Trains And Automobiles

First it was Keystone, then it was Dakota. One pipeline after the next has become the focal point of environmental and anti-fossil fuel organizations across the nation.

The bad news is that this fight has found its way to our very own backyards of south Louisiana over the Bayou Bridge Pipeline. These out of state and paid-for protestors have infiltrated our state in hopes to convince the public, civic leaders, and industry that the new pipeline will destroy our natural resources, as they continue their call for the end of fossil fuels.

The Bayou Bridge pipeline will transport crude oil from its terminal hub facilities in Nederland, Texas to terminal facilities and refineries in Lake Charles, arriving at the listing market hub in St. James. Finally, the crude will be redistributed to refineries throughout the Baton Rouge area. The pipeline will increase the access that Gulf Coast refineries have to North America and increase our nation’s ability to deliver refined product throughout our state, strengthening national security and making us less dependent on foreign and imported oil…


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