Capitol Views: Louisiana legislators begin Easter recess

With the first four days of the regular session behind them, House members were the last to leave today for the Legislature’s Easter recess. The Senate actually brought the gavel down Wednesday for the break, which served as a reminder of the body’s wait-and-see position. Almost all of the session’s key instruments, from the budget bill to tax proposals, have to start on the House side by law. That means the early days of any fiscal session find the Senate with a much lighter load than it traditionally suffers towards the end of such gatherings.

Yet there are still plenty of question marks on the House side as well.

While the Ways and Means Committee did hold a set of hearings this week on tax proposals—and it canceled another meeting that was slated for this morning—members are holding off on taking votes. They’re waiting for fiscal notes to show up, which will offer an analysis on how much money each bill will generate or cost…


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