Gulf of Mexico

Oil Drillers Rush Back to the Gulf of Mexico

The Gulf of Mexico has been left for dead more than once over the past half-century. It’s now roaring back to life with at least 10 recent mega-discoveries that have renewed oil explorers’ enthusiasm for the region. Billions of dollars are being poured into new wells in the ultra-deep waters off Texas and Louisiana, fueling […]

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Gulf rig safety was ‘team effort’, says BP

Responsibility for safety on the Deepwater Horizon rig was shared between the companies involved in the project, a BP executive told the trial in New Orleans over the 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil spill. Lamar McKay, BP’s US president at the time of the disaster, said that although the company had accepted in its settlement […]

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Drilling twist: Environmentalists want to keep idle offshore oil rigs

For more information, please visit this link to watch a video on the Rigs to Reef Program Idle oil rigs are at the center of an unusual battle over fish in the Gulf of Mexico. In a twist on their usual positions, oil companies and the federal agencies regulating them want to remove the old […]

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Exploring Gulf of Mexico deep water oil

To meet demand for oil, industry has pushed the limits of technology to reach new oil reserves. In the deep water of the Gulf of Mexico, some estimates say there is enough oil to power the United States for 10 years or more. Geoscientist Lesli Wood is a Senior Research Scientist with the Bureau of […]

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Proposed legislation terrible for oil and gas industry

_ The Gulf of Mexico is the oil and gas hub for the Western Hemisphere, with several thousand platforms standing at any given time. As with any industry, safety is of utmost concern. When a platform is built in the Gulf, there are safety concerns for human life, aquatic life, the environment and the Gulf […]

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Planned Gulf lease sale to open 38 million acres for drilling

_ The Obama administration announced plans Monday to auction 38 million acres of offshore oil and natural gas leases in the central Gulf of Mexico next year, the second lease sale in a year in the same area where BP’s Macondo well erupted in April 2010. The lease sale will include about 7,250 federally owned oil and gas drilling tracts between […]

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Operators return to gulf platforms, rigs after Isaac

_ Operators were returning to Gulf of Mexico oil and gas platforms and rigs to restore operations following Hurricane Isaac, the US Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement reported. As of information received from industry by 11:30 a.m. CDT on Sept. 5, BSEE said 680,749 b/d, or 49.33%, of the gulf’s crude oil production and […]

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Officials aided by past storm lessons

_ Lessons learned from past tropical storms and hurricanes helped reduce the amount of pollution released during Hurricane Isaac’s sweep through Louisiana, officials at the state Department of Environmental Quality said this week. However, environmental groups countered there is still too much pollution released from industrial sources during hurricanes. They said better preparations are needed […]

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Production restorement in Gulf of Mexico under way after Hurricane Isaac

_ Offshore oil and gas operators in the Gulf of Mexico continue to restore production following Tropical Storm Isaac. 

The Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE) Hurricane Response Team is activated and monitoring the operators’ activities. The team will continue to work with offshore operators and other state and federal agencies until operations return […]

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Gasoline prices could spike if Isaac shuts down refineries

_ Hurricane Isaac is on its way west along the Gulf Coast, where much of the nation’s gasoline, diesel, jet fuel and heating oil are produced. With many refineries shut down, it could increase the price of gas. According to a survey by motorist group AAA, the national price for a gallon of regular gas […]

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