Oil price, Premier, Roxi, Union Jack, And finally…

Still stuck in a narrow trading range, both WTI and Brent rose by 21 cents last week. Friday might have been a lot better if London traders hadnt been suffering from the after effects of the IP dinner, but the boys in long trousers go and and do the Scottish Oil Clubs event on Friday […]

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While E&Ps sleep!

In a previous article I highlighted what I will refer to as the “Tillerson Paradox” – namely the recognition that oil & gas are likely to remain a dominant component of energy supply for decades to come and yet accepting that carbon emissions (CO2 and CH4) are almost certainly impacting our planet. I noted that […]

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Citi: Refracks Clearly Work

“We’ve got evidence that refracks clearly work,” Citi managing director Jeff Sieler told the Houston Producers Forum recently. “Refracking is not so much of a mystery to me as I once thought. “One person I read about has counted 200,000 refracks prior to unconventional refracking—obviously these were mostly in vertical wells,” he continued. “But it […]

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Benedict Peters: The fate of Nigeria’s oil future hangs in the balance

The workings of the oil sector in Nigeria had been in need of a rethink long before the Obasanjo government decided to take action nearly a decade ago. Passed from government to government in the years since, we’re barely any closer to the promised alignment and clarification of the regulatory framework and the industry is […]

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Oil Prices In Peril As U.S. Oil Exports Surge To Record Levels

These OPEC supply constraints are a continuation of policy agreed upon in January by OPEC nations and other suppliers to support higher prices. Some analysts speculate that this is a harbinger of continuously increasing American activity in the global oil market. However, it remains unclear if this level of output is sustainable in the long-run. […]

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Who Will Win The Race In Russia’s Emerging Oil Frontier?

Russia’s gradual pivot to the Asia-Pacific region put a new spin on the nation’s exploration & development priorities. The Irkutsk region is emerging as one of the leading new hubs of oil & gas production, underpinned by ample reserves and substantial export options. The 38 bn m3/year Power of Siberia, due to be onstream by 2020, […]

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Take Back Al Gore’s Nobel And Give It To The Fracking Industry

U.S. output of so-called greenhouse gases continues to decline, a new report shows. Even so, global warming activists are likely to be disappointed. The drop has nothing to do with their pet cause, alternative energy. That’s right. The Environmental Protection Agency’s yearly greenhouse gas emissions report noted that after rising slightly in 2013 and 2014, […]

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OPEC Ready To Cut Deeper

OPEC is finding itself backed into a corner: the group, it appears, is prepared to extend the oil production cut agreement that is set to expire at the end of June and also increase the cuts, if inventories fail to drop to a specified level, sources from the group told Reuters. The agreement, which also involves 11 […]

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Experts: Gas prices have hit bottom, ready to rise through May

The feel-good run of low gasoline prices is coming to an end, and a steep price run-up at the pump is likely to occur between Presidents Day and Memorial Day, according to energy experts. National gas price tracker GasBuddy.com said Wednesday that gas prices had reached the “bottom” nationwide and will start climbing as refineries […]

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Moore: The carbon tax scam

I have nothing but respect for former secretaries of state Jim Baker and George Shultz, but come on, gentlemen: You’ve been snookered. These two esteemed gentlemen are endorsing a tax scam that would be one of the largest income-redistribution schemes in modern times. It would do considerable and lasting damage to the U.S. The justification […]

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