Cautious progress in Libya’s oil output

Rising Libyan oil production is primarily the result of the military success of General Khalifa Haftar, whose so-called Libyan National Army forces are wresting unitary control of the oil supply chain from a patchwork of local militias. These advances have forced the UN-backed Government of National Accord to the negotiating table, raising the prospect of […]

Revamping natural gas policy will make America build again

There are 2.7 million miles of paved roads in our country, and many Americans can attest to the substandard state of ours treets, highways and bridges. This public infrastructure relies on local and federal funding for its upkeep. America’s infrastructure has earned persistent D averagessince 1998, according to the American Society of Civil Engineers. There is […]

American Shale Is Immune To Any Oil Price Crash In 2017?

Since OPEC announced the production cut deal at the end of November, industry analysts have been warning that rising production from producers outside the deal—U.S. shale in particular—is effectively capping the oil price gains from that agreement. Four months after the OPEC/NOPEC deal took effect, oil prices dropped to the levels preceding the agreement, amid […]

Latest oil deal should boost price above $50, but not much more

Nervous markets this week welcomed reports that OPEC and other major oil suppliers, including Russia, plan to hold back production for an additional nine months to stabilize prices. The alternative was to abandon the pact, pump more oil and see prices tank for all producers. This was the “lose-lose” option. However, let’s not get too […]

While optimism across oil and gas is rising, US shale is more optimistic than others

Historically, the US has tended to be ahead of other locations in the oil and gas cycle. What has happened historically in the US has provided an indication of what will happen in the North Sea in the next six to nine months, with most basins tending to follow global trends. Whether this still holds […]

Why The Right Price For Oil Is Between $60 And $70

Before we get into this topic, let me remind readers that crude oil prices are determined on the global market and natural gas & natural gas liquids (“NGLs”) trade on regional markets. The vast majority of upstream oil & gas companies produce a mixture of these three commodities. Crude oil is one of the most […]

The Real Reason for Last Week’s “Oil Flash” – and Why Crude Prices Are Moving Back Up

Late last week, crude oil prices took a nosedive. WTI (West Texas Intermediate, the benchmark crude rate for futures contracts in New York) declined 4.8% on Thursday, fueled by massive overnight (and overseas) sell-offs. That translated into a 7.7% dive for the week to date. If there has ever been a better example of the […]

Nigerian Oil: The progressive protectionists

The only progress worth attaining is slow progress. This seems to be the way in Nigeria’s oil sector. It is seven years since the Federal Government enacted the Nigerian Oil and Gas Industry Content Development Act of 2010 – otherwise called the Local Content Act. At the time, we knew progress would not come overnight; […]

Theodore Roosevelt: Industry Standard-bearer

For decades, it has been popular for politicians and the media to portray the energy sector as a begrimed example of what needs to change in America. All the while, the industry continues to provide low-cost energy and well-paying jobs at times when the country needs both. Faced with a public and political class that […]

New life for the North Sea!

Conventional petroleum provinces in the North Sea range from mature to very mature, and thus it seems that future will be defined in terms of  “marginal discoveries” – the OGA estimates that there are already  ~350 unsanctioned discoveries in the UKCS – and possibly shale oil/gas, with the intriguing possibility that these two types of […]