Why Oil Prices Can’t Rise Very High, For Very Long

Oil prices are now as high as they have been for three years. At this writing, Brent is $74.14 per barrel and West Texas Intermediate is at $68.76. These prices aren’t really very high, if a person looks at the situation from a longer term point of view than the last three years. There is […]

Energy Markets Starting to Turn After Hitting Rock Bottom; Three Small Caps that Could See 100% to 200% Returns

Even midsized companies, with deep inventories of development locations, a growing production and cash flow base and with relatively strong balance sheets have been orphaned by investors. This has pushed valuations of most Canadian E&P companies to seemingly unprecedented lows, trading below even proven producing reserves (PDP), and at very low cash flow multiples never […]

U.S. Natural Gas Production and Consumption Increase in Nearly All AEO2018 Cases

EIA’s Annual Energy Outlook 2018 (AEO2018) projects that U.S. dry natural gas production will increase through 2050 across a wide variety of alternative assumptions about the future. In the Reference case, which is based on current laws and regulations, production grows 59% from 2017 to 2050, starting at 73.6 billion cubic feet per day (Bcf/d) […]

Offshore drilling is safer than ever

Offshore energy production is essential to the nation’s energy security and economic well being and producing oil and natural gas offshore must be done safely. As debate continues over Secretary Zinke’s decision to expand access to the nation’s outer continental shelf, it’s worth reflecting on the steps the offshore industry has taken to redouble its […]

Secretary Zinke gets it right: Let’s drill offshore

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke wants to vastly expand offshore oil and gas production, and politicians from some coastal states are livid. The Senate Energy Committee recently hauled Zinke to Capitol Hill for intense questioning. Lawmakers from Washington, Oregon, and other coastal states demanded he delay his planned expansion. They’re concerned that offshore drilling could harm […]

Are Shale and Biomethane the Future of the Gas Industry?

Could shale and biomethane represent the future of gas? That was the speculation at the 2017 Future Energy Scenarios event. Here, we will look at each of these sources of gas to find out just how they are being used and if they have the potential to become the most used form of gas of […]

Preparing for the Next Wave of Offshore Decommissioning

Three emerging decommissioning hot spots represent c.50% of those expected to become uneconomical in next 20 years Southeast Asia, Latin America, and West Africa are emerging as hotspot The Arabian Gulf also stands out as a future hot spot- by 2038 more than 1000 structures and 3000 wells in the Gulf will be more than […]

Let’s open more of the US offshore for energy development

Some media reports have described on this week’s federal Gulf of Mexico lease sale as “disappointing,” “modest” and “tepid.” In reality, more offshore areas need to be open for energy development. First, every offshore lease sale the federal government holds is welcome, because each represents new opportunity for the market to work as it should, […]

Shale boom is in the 3rd inning; investors to decide how game plays out

Recent media attention questions the future of shale oil production in the U.S. Will capital discipline put a brake on growth or will domestic production rise to the point of undermining prices again? As so often in business, it’s the investors who will make the call. In the first inning of the shale boom, from […]

Support offshore exploration for energy

Louisiana reportedly lost about 1,600 jobs this past February compared to a year earlier. The list of sectors hit hard include mining and logging — which includes oil and gas — and construction, which lost about 900 and 500 jobs, respectively. Fortunately, our nation’s offshore energy resources offer a major opportunity to help get those jobs — and […]