An OPEC Deal Extension Isn’t As Simple As It Sounds

It’s been six months now that oil prices have been reacting to OPEC, first to the possibility of an agreement, and then to the production cut deal itself, forged by OPEC to rebalance the market. The deal–initially aired as ‘an agreement to agree on a deal’ in September and signed at the end of November—will […]

Light, sweet or heavy, sour? Oil industry needs new benchmark

The U.S. oil industry has changed dramatically in the past decade. Driven by technological advancements in drilling, crude oil production has reached new record highs and currently hovers at around the 9 million barrels-per-day (b/d) mark, up roughly 70 percent from 2007. But nearly three-quarters of oil production in the U.S. is light sweet crude oil […]

Dakota Access Pipeline races to start moving Bakken crude

Oil will likely flow through the Dakota Access Pipeline under Lake Oahe in North Dakota early next week. Barring any more twists or turns — and there have been plenty in the last seven months of this project — the contentious 470,000 b/d crude oil pipeline will start commercial service very soon thereafter. It will […]

Benedict Peters: Nigerian firms fuelling the recovery

When Nigeria emerges from recession, the way we do business must change forever. This does not just mean an emphasis on diversification; though as the recession has bitten over the last 12 months, the need for diversifying the source of government revenues and our export base has never been more urgent. It means changing the […]

Letters: Oil sector poised for rebound

Once oil prices began to drop precipitously during the summer of 2014, so did capital expenditures on offshore energy exploration and production in the Gulf of Mexico. Louisiana’s economy suffered as result. Now we’re beginning to see offshore capital expenditures rebound, and that’s good not only for the Pelican State but for the entire country […]

Voices: Pipeline bolsters our economy, preserves our environment

I write in response to a recently published letter (“Voices: What will Louisiana look like in 20 years?”). I don’t discredit the notion that tourism and the responsible management of Louisiana’s natural resources can bring immense value to the state’s economy. However, those goals are not mutually exclusive from the construction of energy infrastructure projects […]

OPPOSING VIEWS: Foster Campbell: Coastal ruling lets oil companies off the hook, shows lack of concern

I’m very disappointed with the federal court decision letting major oil companies off the hook for damaging Louisiana’s coastal wetlands. ExxonMobil, Royal Dutch Shell, British Petroleum and other companies may be happy that they again avoided liability for helping to erode our coastline, but the people concerned about this issue aren’t smiling. Some politicians claim […]

Why natural gas is the future — not coal

King Coal is dead, long live the king — in this case, natural gas. President Donald Trump has vowed to reverse coal’s dwindling hold as the fuel of choice. But the trend toward gas is undermining his coal boosterism. The president recently repealed a  regulation, enacted under the Obama administration, that prevented the dumping of coal […]

Recent Russian oil production data confirms delayed compliance from minor producers

Russian oil output averaged 11.11 million bbl/d in February 2017, representing no further output reductions relative to the January 2017 level. Since the early December 2016, the Russian government has been reassuring the industry that the country will reach the production cut target of 300 kbbl/d relative to October 2016 by April 2017. According to […]

The ‘lukewarmers’ show how environmentalists are in denial about denial

Perhaps you have a gas stove in your kitchen. When you turn it on, do you worry that it might pollute your water? Probably not. But the alleged threat to the water supply from natural gas is a primary argument employed by the radical environmentalists who oppose the construction of gas pipelines in New Jersey… […]