Reimagineering Malaysia’s Oil & Gas Industry

Conservative estimates suggest that in the wake of oil prices crashing in late 2014, the Malaysian oil and gas services and equipment (OGSE) sector contracted by at least 11%. Analysis of overall financials for the OGSE sector by the Malaysian Petroleum Resource Corp, an agency under the Prime Minister’s Department, reveal that revenue for 2015 […]

Oil price, Providence Resources, Hunting, Thalassa, Enteq Upstream, And finally…

Well, it doesnt get much better than this at the moment and unless the EIA stats rain on oil’s current parade tonight then all should remain in an upward trajectory. Yesterday saw both the Russians and the Saudis giving genuinely positive information out. The Russian Oil Minister called for an extension to the agreement but […]

Joined-up thinking about the North Sea?

There seems to be a lot of thought going into the issue of Decommissioning in the North Sea, with companies perhaps beginning to realise that the traditional approach – to take a ‘finger in the air’ estimate of the potential costs to put into their accounts and then breathe a sigh of relief when the […]

Nigeria says ‘Power to the people!’

Like many working in the oil and gas sector in Nigeria, I am crossing my fingers that much-needed new legislation will be passed in the days ahead. Not only would it provide a confidence boost for the global investment community, but it would sure-up the domestic market and at last allow it to grow. If […]

How are Upstream Oil & Gas companies succeeding in this volatile and highly competitive environment?

Every industry faces pressure to transform and we all know that transformation begins by aligning an organisation for greater effectiveness. We also know that this can largely be achieved by placing discipline and focus on productivity, squeezing the supply-chain to achieve better margins and streamlining business operations. Many have turned to their technology partners for […]

Realizing America’s Offshore Economic Opportunity

It’s early days for the Trump administration, but we already know a few things. Our new president favors swift action to meet his campaign promises. He’s also shown himself to be a no-holds-barred cost-cutter. These two prongs create a dilemma. Mr. Trump pinned his reputation on job creation, but given recent events he will now […]

Recognize The Value Of North American Energy Trade

When Americans hear talk of oil imports and energy trade we cannot help but think of the Middle East. For those of a certain vintage, the Arab oil crises of the 1970s left an indelible imprint. But perception is often not reality. Our biggest energy trading partners are not members of OPEC; they are, in […]

Ghana power sector stumbles

Not too long ago, Ghana was a frontrunner in African energy. The country boasts an average access to electricity rate of 74 percent — far above the average rate of 47 percent for West Africa. But in recent years, Ghana’s progress has stalled, as it wrestles with power outages and struggles to install more power […]

Opinion: How the pending Aramco IPO could cause a surge in oil prices

The all-star underwriting team to the Saudi Aramco IPO will lead to a barrage of institutional support. And that could lead to higher oil prices. Investors, take note. J.P. Morgan (JPM) Morgan Stanley (MS) and HSBC (HSBC) are the lead underwriters. But investment banks from all over the world will be clamoring to get a piece of […]

The Great Global Gas Surplus

The production of LNG in recent years has increased dramatically. According to Westwood Global Energy data, LNG liquefaction capacity increased from 121 million tons per annum (mmtpa) in 2000 to nearly 270 mmtpa in 2010, and will reach just over 400 mmtpa by the end of 2017. A wave of ‘mega-projects’, each costing tens of […]