The ‘lukewarmers’ show how environmentalists are in denial about denial

Perhaps you have a gas stove in your kitchen. When you turn it on, do you worry that it might pollute your water? Probably not. But the alleged threat to the water supply from natural gas is a primary argument employed by the radical environmentalists who oppose the construction of gas pipelines in New Jersey… […]

Oil Prices Plunge: Over-Reaction or Turning Point?

Oil prices plunged yesterday. Is this an over-reaction or a turning point? WTI futures fell $2.86 from $53.14 to $50.28 per barrel, and Brent futures dropped $3.81 from $55.92 to $52.11 per barrel. WTI is trading below $49 and Brent, below $52 per barrel at this writing. The apparent cause was a larger-than-expected 8.2 million barrel […]

Trump Fuels a Petrochemical Boom in America

Traditionally, petrochemicals were produced from naphtha. It is one of the products derived from petroleum refineries. Naphtha crackers break hydrocarbon down into basic chemical building blocks. Naphtha crackers were found all over the world, BUT given that a high proportion of manufacturing since the 1980s has been based in Asia, most of the world’s naphtha […]

Senate has a chance to roll back an unreasonable Obama regulation on methane

In the waning days of his administration, President Obama ordered one final offensive in his preposterous war on fossil fuels. His Bureau of Land Management snuck the Methane and Waste Prevention rule into effect with no regard for the fact that it will harm taxpayers, hamper the economy, kill jobs and threaten the environment. Now […]

2017: A year for America’s energy resurgence

Over the past decade, the U.S. oil and natural gas industry has capitalized on new opportunities while navigating unchartered challenges. The shale revolution provided previously inaccessible, affordable energy for American consumers, yet duplicative federal regulations imposed new costs and delays. Producers and service companies continued to look for new ways to innovate and cut costs […]

Shale whacks struggling Brent

For a bunch of crude oils that collectively produce about a million barrels per day, the Brent, Forties, Oseberg and Ekofisk streams that collectively form the Dated Brent benchmark sure have a huge influence on global crude prices. Used as a reference point in about two-thirds of global oil deals, it underpins billions of dollars […]

Countering OPEC to Achieve an America First Energy Strategy

For decades, conventional wisdom held that the United States would remain reliant on imported oil as domestic reserves were either too limited or too expensive to be accessible. Yet in the early years of this new century, a small group of American innovators tackled the shale formations in our nation’s heartland with new technology. The result […]

Eni CEO: The oil price is heading higher

While the oil market has experienced a few turbulent years, the chief executive of Italian oil and gas giant Eni believes the price of oil will eventually tick higher, but that it would still have to go through a transition period during 2017. “I think that the price is going up,” Claudio Descalzi, CEO of Eni, told […]

Abu Dhabi finalizes once in a generation deal: Fuel for Thought

At the start of last week, Abu Dhabi finalized a 40-year deal that formally cemented the UAE’s shift to Asia and struck a delicate balance in tailoring the deal to fit the needs of most stakeholders already in the concession. The Asia pivot has been ongoing for some time in terms of oil flows, but […]

Oil price, Premier, Roxi, Union Jack, And finally…

Still stuck in a narrow trading range, both WTI and Brent rose by 21 cents last week. Friday might have been a lot better if London traders hadnt been suffering from the after effects of the IP dinner, but the boys in long trousers go and and do the Scottish Oil Clubs event on Friday […]

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