Candidates: Stall work to replace Louisiana voting machines

Candidates vying to be Louisiana secretary of state want to pause the work being done to replace the state’s 10,000 voting machines until after the election, citing allegations of impropriety during the contractor selection. Republican former state Sen. A.G. Crowe, one contender seeking to oust GOP Secretary of State Kyle Ardoin, said he’s asking the […]

U.S. Rep. Steve Scalise defends Trump during address in New Orleans; ‘he is all business’

Gripping a cane and wearing a smile, U.S. Rep. Steve Scalise went on the defense for President Donald Trump before a mostly friendly crowd Wednesday at Harrah’s Hotel, likely one of many local talks on his agenda as the fall elections draw near. The event was hosted by the Rotary Club of New Orleans, the 12th-oldest […]

Alford: An official constitutional convention reminder

It has been three months since the Louisiana Legislature concluded its regular session without addressing the war cry for a constitutional convention. Sure, it passed a set of resolutions honoring the 45th anniversary of the 1973 con-con, but supporters were hoping for more of a forward-looking response, writes LaPolitics’ Jeremy Alford in his latest column. […]

Gov. Edwards on divisive politics, how to unite people: ‘Folks are just anxious … We ought not to vilify anyone’

Gov. John Bel Edwards joined other Democratic governors in Colorado last week for a discussion on divisive politics and how states can work to unite people. “Folks are just anxious,” the Aspen Daily News quoted Edwards as saying Friday at the Aspen Institute event. “We ought not to vilify anyone. I don’t talk about Trump […]

Kennedy sends letter to Trump, Gov. Edwards responds Gov. Edwards and Sen. Kennedy clashing over Louisiana prison reform

U.S. Sen. John Kennedy is attacking Louisiana’s criminal justice overhaul in a letter to President Donald Trump that comes with pointed timing. Kennedy sent the missive a day ahead of Gov. John Bel Edwards’ Thursday meeting with the president about the criminal sentencing law changes that Edwards has championed. Kennedy says the changes are “failing […]

LaPolitics: Secretary of state candidates staffed up

With the Nov. 6 special election primary for secretary of state just three months away, the more serious candidates have staffed up for their statewide bids. The hires reveal not only levels of professionalism, but also, in some instance, political leanings and possible alliances. Mostly, though, the names are a peek behind the curtains of […]

As Congressional Black Caucus chair, Cedric Richmond steps forward to cut a national figure

Over the last 18 months, U.S. Rep. Cedric Richmond has repeatedly waded into the center of some of the hottest partisan political controversies, firing criticism at President Donald Trump’s White House as the chairman and leading spokesman for the Congressional Black Caucus. When Trump ripped Haiti and African nations as “s***hole countries” in January, Richmond […]

Jeff Sadow: On the death penalty and unanimous juries

Interestingly, a flawed and controversial decision by Pope Francis on capital punishment also yields some insights into whether Louisiana should require unanimous jury verdicts for felony cases. Earlier this month, the pope announced a change in the Roman Catholic Church’s Catechism, the document outlining basic church beliefs. Francis said henceforth the Catechism would declare capital […]

Louisiana Spotlight: Louisiana voting machine allegations come at the worst time for Kyle Ardoin

With the contract lucrative and available only once every decade or two, vendors were expected to aggressively fight for Louisiana’s contract to replace thousands of voting machines. But the latest search for a company to provide Louisiana’s voting equipment attracted more than just intense competition, also drawing allegations the secretary of state’s office mishandled parts […]

Gov. John Bel Edwards invites President Donald Trump to tour Angola, see state’s criminal justice overhaul

Gov. John Bel Edwards has invited President Donald Trump to Louisiana to tour the State Penitentiary at Angola and see ongoing efforts to overhaul the state’s criminal justice system. “I believe you will gain a great deal of insight by visiting Louisiana State Penitentiary and I look forward to welcoming you to Louisiana on behalf […]