Edwards fighting uphill battle

Evidence that conservative Republicans in the Louisiana House are determined to thwart Democratic Gov. John Bel Edwards at every turn became clear with two recent appointments by Speaker Taylor Barras, R-New Iberia. Barras named two of the most anti-tax representatives to the Ways and Means Committee that decides the fate of all tax bills. Republicans […]

Gov. John Bel Edwards taps veteran north Louisiana trooper as State Police interim leader

Gov. John Bel Edwards on Wednesday appointed a veteran trooper from north Louisiana to lead the State Police on an interim basis, tapping a career lawman considered an outsider from the agency’s beleaguered headquarters. Maj. Kevin Reeves, a nearly 27-year veteran of the agency, takes the helm following the retirement of Col. Mike Edmonson, the […]

Alford: Democrats try to find their footing in deeply red Louisiana

Democrats in Louisiana don’t have much to celebrate, but there are a few silver linings, says Jeremy Alford in his latest column. He notes the governor is a Democrat, as is Congressman Cedric Richmond, who recently took over a key leadership post in Washington, D.C. In addition, two party officials have also been installed in national […]

The next top trooper

The retirement of Col. Mike Edmonson, effective Friday, reverberated throughout Louisiana’s political community last week — no matter how expected the announcement was. Now attention and speculation turns to who will become the next superintendent of the Louisiana State Police, a position that brings with it an incredible amount of political leverage. Gov. John Bel […]

Why is Gov. John Bel Edwards pushing this new, specific method of taxing Louisiana businesses?

Gov. John Bel Edwards settled on proposing to replace the state’s corporate tax on profits with a corporate tax on sales in part because voters in November rejected a different overhaul of the way Louisiana taxes businesses, the state’s revenue secretary said in an interview Monday. The plan on the November ballot, supported by only […]

State law precludes national search for Louisiana’s next State Police superintendent

In announcing his retirement as superintendent of the Louisiana State Police, Col. Mike Edmonson said last week that he hoped to restore a sense of normalcy to an agency riven by controversy in recent weeks. Many rank-and-file troopers embraced Edmonson’s departure as a chance for a new beginning; they called for fresh blood to unite […]

Lawmaker’s idea to avoid mid-year cuts — Don’t budget all expected revenue — has Gov. John Bel Edwards’ backing

For years, the Louisiana Legislature has authorized spending more money than the state winds up taking in. The result: dreaded midyear budget cuts, year after year. State Sen. Jim Fannin believes he has a solution, and it has the support of Gov. John Bel Edwards. Fannin’s measure would force legislators to budget less than the […]

Analysis: Medicaid changes could have sweeping impact in La.

That redesign is estimated to come with deep spending cuts. The implications would be major for Louisiana, where more than one-third of residents get health services through the Medicaid program, financed jointly by the state and federal government. That’s not just the 400,000 people, largely working poor, who signed up for Gov. John Bel Edwards’ […]

Gov. John Bel Edwards wants big changes in how Louisiana businesses, individuals taxed; here’s what we know

Gov. John Bel Edwards wants to dramatically revamp Louisiana’s tax system when the Legislature meets next month by replacing the current corporate tax on income with a corporate tax on sales, according to administration officials. Many economists applaud the proposal, saying it would level the playing field by eliminating most corporate tax breaks and exemptions […]

Large state gas tax increase proposed

A Baton Rouge lawmaker and others are preparing legislation to increase the state’s gasoline tax by up to 17 cents per gallon, which would raise more than $500 million annually for roads and bridges. “We have to do something,” state Rep. Steve Carter, R-Baton Rouge said in an interview Wednesday. In addition, an ally of […]