Edwards steals Obama’s signature move, the sue-and-settle, at citizens’ expense

For his job, Democrat Gov. John Bel Edwards defeated Republican former Sen. David Vitter. Two years later, it appears Edwards has found a way to add insult to injury against the politician he sent into retirement. In the Senate, Vitter railed against a practice used by President Barack Obama’s administration known as “sue-and-settle.” It allowed […]

Pay now or later? Retirement board shows thoughtful debate

A state board you’ve probably never heard of might start changing its ways — after helping to dig taxpayers into a hole several billion bucks deep. The Public Retirement Systems’ Actuarial Committee met last month to make decisions about several, relatively small Louisiana state retirement systems. The body, comprised of representatives from the Legislature, governor, […]

How a phony Louisiana crisis covers up John Bel Edwards’ mistakes

Incompetence or part of the permanent campaign? Maybe a bit of both prompted Democratic Gov. John Bel Edwards to try turning lemons into lemonade. Louisiana avoided an administrative crisis when earlier this month the Joint Legislative Committee on the Budget approved contracts worth $15.4 billion. This panel of lawmakers from both Republican-led chambers must have […]

Assumptions are dangerous in governor’s race

With 2018′s session-palooza out of the way (hopefully), Gov. John Bel Edwards can begin focusing on re-election. He’s not on the ballot until next fall, but for all practical purposes Edwards has been in campaign mode since his last bid ended in 2015. Such is the non-stop nature of modern elections, and such are the […]

Louisiana members of Congress react as critics take aim at Trump’s comments on Russia

Louisiana’s Republicans in Congress blamed Russia for attempts to interfere in the 2016 presidential elections but largely avoided direct criticism of President Donald Trump for remarks made during a joint news conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday. Trump sparked outrage when he cast doubt on U.S. intelligence agencies’ conclusion that the Russian government […]

Louisiana fall elections sign-up begins today; here are the races to keep an eye on

Candidates seeking seats in Louisiana’s fall election have to declare their intentions and register for their races this week, in the sign-up period opening Wednesday. Top of the Nov. 6 ballot are Louisiana’s U.S. House elections and a special election for secretary of state, to fill the position vacated by Republican Tom Schedler after he […]

Candidates for Louisiana Secretary of State, Congress begin to qualify for fall elections

Former state Sen. AG Crowe is first in line to qualify for the secretary of state’s race. Democratic candidate Renée Fontenot Free, the former Attorney General’s Director of the Public Protection Division, was second in line for the November race. The Secretary of State, who is third in the line of gubernatorial succession, organizes Louisiana’s […]

State Treasurer: Louisiana Credit Rating Outlook ‘Positive’ After Years Of Declines, Threatened Declines

After teetering on the brink of more bad news, Louisiana’s credit rating outlook is trending more positively because lawmakers agreed to extend part of an expiring sales tax hike to shore up the state’s finances. State Treasurer John Schroder said he’s been in touch with all three big ratings agencies in recent weeks. “In general, […]

Louisiana no longer has nation’s highest average sales tax rate — by a nose

Louisiana no longer has the nation’s highest average sales tax rate — just barely losing that distinction to Tennessee. A new analysis released Monday from the Tax Foundation, a conservative Washington, D.C.-based think tank, has found Louisiana’s average combined state and local sales tax rate is 9.45 percent, which puts it slightly below Tennessee’s 9.46 percent. […]

Former Gov. Kathleen Blanco awarded for her service

Former Gov. Edwin W. Edwards extolled the virtues of former Gov. Kathleen Blanco to the New Light Missionary Baptist Church Sunday, recounting a career of not only her government initiatives but her unpublicized individual acts of kindness. The four-term governor was so into his introduction that Edwards, who is known for liberal policies, lost track […]