Louisiana Secretary of State Race Turns Sour by Election Day

Republican candidates in the Louisiana secretary of state’s race ramped up attacks against their opponents heading into Election Day, in a competition expected to head to a December runoff to choose a winner. Louisiana’s six incumbent U.S. House members, however, hoped to avoid such a scenario and simply win outright Tuesday against challengers who lagged […]

Just fun or real danger? Voters to decide Louisiana’s fantasy sports future at polls Tuesday

Louisiana is all but certain Tuesday to become the 42nd state that allows residents to play online fantasy sports for cash prizes. Voters on Nov. 6 will decide the fate of six constitutional amendments, including one that has sparked national attention on felony convictions. The question is where in the state it will be legal. […]

US midterm results and maps 2018: When will we know the election outcome?

Tomorrow’s midterm elections will mark two years since Donald Trump was elected President, and its results will be a barometer of how the people of the US think he is faring. In recent weeks birthright citizenship, the migrant caravan and the mail bomber have overshadowed debates and may spell trouble for the Republican party. The midterm […]

Will Louisiana teachers finally get pay raises?

Danielle Couturier, an elementary teacher in suburban New Orleans, gets to school at 7 a.m. and often works on lesson plans until 10 p.m. But the 15-hour days are not enough to make ends meet. She also teaches summer school for extra pay. Couturier, who has a master’s degree and 16 years of experience, makes […]

Analysis: Louisiana political focus set on 2019, not Tuesday

hough an election looms Tuesday, Louisiana’s politicians, prognosticators, and campaign donors already have moved on, looking to the 2019 races when voters choose the governor, six other statewide elected officials and state lawmakers. That’s the big election year. In political circles, conversations regularly turn to whether Democratic Gov. John Bel Edwards can win re-election and […]

Congressman Ralph Abraham raising statewide profile with ad reaching voters outside district

With just days to go before Election Day, U.S. Rep. Ralph Abraham is re-introducing himself to voters with a new ad. But most of the Louisianans catching the campaign spot on TV likely live outside Abraham’s district, and some see it as a move to raise his profile for an eventual campaign to become Louisiana’s […]

Sen. Bill Cassidy endorses unanimous jury verdicts, joining bipartisan group of backers

Republican U.S. Sen. Bill Cassidy is the latest high-profile Louisiana politician to throw his endorsement behind Amendment 2, a ballot proposition that would require unanimous jury verdicts in criminal cases. Cassidy’s endorsement, announced Wednesday, adds to a growing bipartisan choir backing the change to state’s unusual, 120-year-old practice of allowing juries to convict or acquit […]


The architects and engineers behind the House of Representatives will often post vaccines and job openings internally before making a broader search for candidates. And that’s what they did this week, only for the elected job of House clerk. At the end of this term, Clerk Butch Speer will be retiring after holding the spot […]

Jeremy Alford: JBE enters this cycle with nod to last

It’s not as if political anthropologists needed more than a clock and a calendar to know as much, but Gov. John Bel Edwards has definitely transitioned into full campaign mode. With the clock slowly ticking down on 2019, Edwards has back-to-back fundraisers on his schedule for several weeks out of the remaining year. There’s chatter […]

Steve Scalise Calls Out CNN’s Don Lemon for Denying Left-Wing Political Violence

Steve Scalise simply posted the “eyes” emoji and linked to a story from National Review about Don Lemon saying he doesn’t “see Democrats” killing people over politics. On his Monday primetime broadcast, Lemon said, “The right-wing group killed the woman in Charlottesville. This guy is a right-winger who killed the people in the synagogue. The […]