Capitol Views: Critical budget vote approaches in House

House members are bracing to take one of the most important votes of this legislative year on Thursday—the 2018-2019 state budget—and the floor action should offer a preview of where the Legislature’s politics are headed. More urgently, the vote will foreshadow a special session—the sixth this term—where the governor will ask lawmakers once again to […]

Louisiana House GOP leaders seek votes for budget with cuts

Louisiana House Republican leaders are trying to rally enough votes to pass a budget for next year that contains steep cuts to health care services, with no help from Democrats and a veto threat from Gov. John Bel Edwards. The magic number is 53. That’s a majority of the 105-member House, the number of votes […]

Alford: Why the fall congressional races matter for Louisiana

Though most Louisiana voters aren’t paying much attention to the fall congressional races—during which six representatives will be sent to D.C.—Jeremy Alford says there’s a lot at stake for the Bayou State. “Those unplugged voters may not be aware that the aftereffects of an election are not confined to its district lines, and that the […]

Capitol Views: Small businesses appealing to lawmakers on seat belt bills

A Senate judiciary committee convened this afternoon to discuss six pieces of legislation, two of which pertain to seat belts. You may not have heard much about these bills, but they represent one of the hottest regular session issues going for Louisiana’s business lobby. The two bills, one from the House, another from the Senate, […]

Cracking the congressional code

Louisiana voters will send six representatives to Congress during the November general elections and, if needed, the December runoffs. Those contests, for two-year terms, are sort of a big deal. Nonetheless, many voters are unplugged from the issues and personalities. They think there isn’t much going on with our upcoming congressional elections. Well, they’re wrong. […]

The Rundown: Sexual harassment, gambling, TOPS, guns legislation and more news in Louisiana politics today

Today in The Rundown: It’s a jam-packed update on everything going on in Louisiana politics today — sexual harassment, gambling, medical pot, criminal justice and even the latest in the still on-going fight after the death of Tony the Truck Stop Tiger (RIP). Countdown… Days until the 2018 regular legislative session must end: 47 The News…   […]

Grace Notes: Why Gov. John Bel Edwards might closely be watching Steve Scalise, House Speaker race

Lots of Louisianans are keeping an eye on how House Majority Whip Steve Scalise fares in Washington now that House Speaker Paul Ryan has announced his departure from Congress. One local who has more than a passing interest is surely Gov. John Bel Edwards. The Democratic governor is gearing up to run for reelection next […]

Capitol Views: Constitutional convention bill still on tap in House

Now that the Appropriations Committee has forwarded most but not all of the state budget bills to the full House for consideration—a regular session mile marker that happened this afternoon—the panel can finally turn its attention to non-budget bills. And that most certainly applies to the leading legislation in the lower chamber to call a […]

‘Not worth the paper it’s printed on,’ Gov. John Bel Edwards says of early version of budget

The Louisiana Legislature’s latest round of budget negotiations has prompted the return of what is becoming an annual tug-of-war match between funding TOPS and funding state health care services. The House Appropriations Committee on Monday advanced its version of a $27 billion state budget to begin July 1 featuring full funding for the popular Taylor Opportunity […]

House panel studies surplus before voting on Louisiana construction projects

The House Ways and Means committee wants to reassess how surplus dollars will be used before voting on legislation that funds state construction projects. Democratic New Orleans Rep. Neil Abramson, who chairs the committee, postponed voting on House Bill 2, which authorizes spending for the state’s construction projects. Ways & Means is the first step […]