Could Perennials solve the oil industry’s looming skills gap?

If you’re in any way involved in the recruitment of technical and engineering professionals for the oil industry you’re sure to be familiar with these terms. These various generational cohorts all have their own contributions to make to the industry as we face ‘The Great Crew Change’.

But now there’s a new cohort that could make a big difference in solving the looming skills gap- Perennials.

Loosely defined as ‘workers of 55 years and older, who have decided to return to the workforce’, Perennials represent a powerful new demographic within the workforce. In the U.S., Perennials represent the fastest-growing population of workers, with twice as many over-55s as teenagers currently employed. It’s a change which is expected to continue according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics; in the 30-year span from 1994 to 2024, workers aged 55 and older will go from being the smallest segment of the US working population to the largest…


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