EPA’s Pruitt helping set the world right again

EPA head Scott Pruitt recently made a surprise trip to an elementary school in remote middle Georgia, and his pronouncement could have a profound impact on the energy portfolios of the future. Here’s how.

By declaring biomass carbon-neutral, Administrator Pruitt returns the agency to its pre-2010 position and brings the United States in line with the European Union and California. After all, U.S. forests absorb CO2, and figures in 2015 suggest that over 11 percent of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions were “sunk” in our collective forests.

More importantly for heavily wooded states, Pruitt’s pronouncement that burning wood would be “carbon-neutral” instantly made wood chips equivalent to wind and solar. Since I help regulate energy in a state with virtually no wind and 25 million acres of pine trees, it could change our future…


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