Growing Energy Demand Won’t Be Met By Renewables Alone, Says BOSS Energy Director

BOSS Energy has maintained its focus in the oil, gas and LNG markets, with a head office located in London and a strong presence in emerging markets such as Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East. The existing stability in oil and gas is likely to culminate in further project developments and increased investment.

According to Johnson, the business has placed a strong emphasis on developing the energy potential of emerging regional hubs and working with each country to make better use of their energy demands, whilst increasing overall productivity.

Despite many businesses shifting their attention towards the renewable sector, BOSS Energy has maintained its position within the oil and gas market and placed focus on providing the most viable and efficient option for emerging markets. The oil and gas market is in a relatively stable position, and with growing demand levels, energy requirements cannot necessarily be met by the rapidly developing renewables and energy storage market…


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