Offshore Leasing

Offshore leasing falls under 2 different categories in the Gulf of Mexico.  The OCS which is under the jurisdiction of the Federal Government (BOEM) and the Shelf (3 miles) is under the jurisdiction of the State of Louisiana.

Outer Continental Shelf Leasing is managed through Lease Sales conducted by BOEM.  A schedule of the Lease Sales is included below for 2012-2017. The next lease sale is scheduled for November 28, 2012 in New Orleans. Details can be seen by clicking the sale number or you can view the cover sheet here.

Sale Number * Area  Year  
229 Western Gulf of Mexico 2012 Gifford Briggs-Interview
227 Central Gulf of Mexico 2013
233 Western Gulf of Mexico 2013
225 Eastern Gulf of Mexico** 2014
231 Central Gulf of Mexico 2014
238 Western Gulf of Mexico 2014
235 Central Gulf of Mexico 2015
246 Western Gulf of Mexico 2015
226 Eastern Gulf of Mexico 2016
241 Central Gulf of Mexico 2016
248 Western Gulf of Mexico 2016
247 Central Gulf of Mexico 2017


Shelf Leasing is managed by the State of Louisiana through the State Mineral and Energy Board.  In addition to Shelf Leasing they also mange the leases of property through the state.  Tracts that wish to be bid on and leased must be nominated and approved by the board before they may be included in a lease sale.  Once nominated any party may bid to acquire the lease.  More information about the State Mineral Board can be found at the Department of Natural Resources Website.