Hello, Michael: Beware The Resiliency Of The U.S. Oil And Gas System

“The natural gas industry has made significant strides to improve safety and crisis management during natural disasters. The muted impacts of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma on the oil and gas market exemplify how far the industry has come in supporting infrastructure resilience and reliable supply,” Black & Veatch, 2017

I doubt there’s anything in our energy-environment discussion more under appreciated than the sheer complexity of extracting oil and natural gas from the ground and then delivering it to end-users, as safely as possible. It’s a massive 24/7/365 non-stop system, processing 39 million gallons of oil and 3.8 Bcf/d of natural gas every hour.

This is a far more challenging endeavor than the anti-oil and -gas business apparently comprehends. But the ongoing effectiveness of it is mandatory: oil and gas supply 65% of the energy that we Americans consume to run the economy. It’s no wonder then that Petroleum Engineering is the highest paying major in college


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