Jason Williams urges Mitch Landrieu to file wetland damage suit against oil, gas

City Councilman Jason Williams wants Mayor Mitch Landrieu to sue oil and gas companies for damaging wetlands that protect New Orleans from storm surge. Six Louisiana coastal parishes have filed similar suits, and Williams plans to ask the council on Thursday (July 13) to back his request for a New Orleans suit, too.

In his proposed resolution, Williams quotes Landrieu as saying that the oil and gas industry‘s refusal to negotiate with Gov. John Bel Edwards over repairing wetlands damage caused by their canals and other exploration and production activities left New Orleans with “very little recourse.” “I would not be doing my job if I wasn’t seeking every dollar put toward restoration and future protection,” Landrieu was quoted as saying.

“At a time when New Orleans finds itself dealing with crumbling roads and an ever-escalating rate of crime, the city should look to encourage oil and gas activity to create jobs and increase revenue for infrastructure,” said Don Briggs, president of the Louisiana Oil and Gas Association. “These frivolous and fallacious lawsuits are driving out future investment at a time when Louisiana needs it most”…


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