John Kennedy’s ‘Look-At-Me’ Politics

As we learned heading into last weekend, U.S. Sen. John Kennedy has decided to vote in favor of Kyle Duncan, the president’s 5th Circuit nominee, whenever the next opportunity arises. This follows weeks of speculation, some of it in national media coverage, about why Kennedy was withholding support.

The former Louisiana treasurer had everyone right where he likes them, which is asking, “What in the world is John Kennedy up to?”

Sources tell LaPolitics that Kennedy had a conversation Thursday afternoon with both Duncan and Congressman Mike Johnson and that the sit-down helped move the needle. More to the point, Johnson, a true freshman from the Shreveport area, was directly credited with changing Kennedy’s mind. “A lot of people are going to want to take credit, but it was Mike,” says a well-placed source who’s close to the junior senator. “Sen. Kennedy and Congressman Johnson are becoming really close.”

That may be, but Kennedy’s political opponents have been quick to add that the freshman senator was under intense pressure from conservative-leaning and faith-based political groups. He also had to face off against Attorney General Jeff Landry, who had cut a television commercial in Louisiana promoting Duncan’s nomination…


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