KPEL’s Third Report On The Texodus To Midland Is Out…

…and it’s worth watching, as this time Rob Kirkpatrick talks to Brian Boustany, a Church Point oilfield operator who has moved everything from Acadiana to Midland in order to open his own oilfield service business.

In case you missed the first two reports Kirkpatrick produced on how the oil and gas industry has in large part pulled out of the Lafayette area and started to relocate in West Texas, click here. Why has this happened? Well, most of it has to do with where oil can be produced for the cheapest price – and in and around Lafayette, that means deepwater drilling in the Gulf of Mexico. Which is very expensive compared with the vast and available reserves of the Permian Basin in West Texas and New Mexico.

But the other piece to this is Louisiana’s political and legal climate simply isn’t competitive with Texas where it comes to drilling for oil and gas. Severance taxes here don’t work, the state’s laws allowing for insane legacy lawsuits producing jackpot judgements don’t work, the governor’s insistence on siccing his cabal of trial lawyers on oil and gas companies for supposedly causing wetlands erosion don’t work. None of it works, and that’s why Louisiana is being left out of this country’s massive oil and gas boom…


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