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Landry And Graves Filed A Coastal Lawsuit Which Is Actually Meaningful Last Week…

…unlike the 43 fishing expeditions John Bel Edwards and his cabal of ambulance chasers have filed in state courts attempting to induce oil companies to cough up settlement money no reputable court would mandate. The first of those coastal lawsuits, alleging that canals dug through the marshes of South Louisiana by oil companies are responsible for the loss of the state’s coastline, was thrown out by the Supreme Court last year after a highly unsuccessful march through the federal court system; Edwards’ gang has given up on trying to win in federal court and is now looking for friendly judges in state courts.

But the oil companies haven’t caused the loss of the state’s coastline. The primary culprit in that ecological disaster is the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

This isn’t all that complicated. USACE is the governmental entity, not subject to permitting by other agencies like the oil companies are (every one of those canals was subject to state and local government review, and allowed at the time), which built levees along the Mississippi River all the way to its mouth. Build those levees and what you’re doing is robbing the marshland in the lower Mississippi delta south of New Orleans of the silt deposits the spring floods bring. And over time, the sea will reclaim that marsh…


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