‘LaPolitics:’ State House facing changes next term as well

With the 2019 election cycle approaching, special interests and party operatives that traditionally play in legislative contests are more confident than ever that big changes are coming to the Louisiana Legislature.

Term limits alone will see to that. As of now, 34 representatives out of the 105-member state House are ineligible for re-election, as are 16 legislators in the 39-member Senate. All in, that’s 34% of the Legislature that is going to be replaced in January 2020, which could in turn reshape the legislative landscape next term.

While the Senate represents the largest potential sea change, with 41% of its membership turning over, Republicans appear poised to continue growing their majorities in both chambers of the Legislature. The House, however, isn’t being ignored and the state GOP seems to be taking aim already at white Democratic representatives, as it has the past two terms…


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