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Legacy lawsuit scam exposes real agenda behind the litigation industry


Personal injury lawyers are quick to insist America does not have a litigation problem. They like to claim there is no such thing as the “lawsuit lottery” and that they are looking for justice – not targeting the “deep pockets.”

But the truth is a much different story. In Louisiana, the latest lawsuit scam involves so-called “legacy” lawsuits. Under the guise of cleaning up the environment where conventional onshore oil rigs were located, personal injury lawyers are scouring property records to connect parcels of land to any “deep pocket” defendants they can find.

In an explosive new YouTube video posted by the American Tort Reform Association, a personal injury lawyer consultant gives a tutorial on how to play the game and hit the “lawsuit lottery” (his words – not mine) and target the “deep pockets.”  In one of the most shocking – and revealing – parts of his “get rich quick” tutorial, he says, “Salt domes impact the surface and near the surface themselves – just a natural occurrence . . . But when I find these things, maybe I’m going to contend that the oil companies did it. It’s tough to name God as a defendant. The oil companies did it.”

Sadly, Louisiana is not alone in dealing with abusive lawsuits. These kinds of “lawsuit lottery” scams are nothing new to Illinois, which has long been ranked as one of the worst states in country for legal fairness and which attracts personal injury lawyers from all over the country who flock here to try their luck in our state’s notoriously imbalanced courts.  But when they fly here, jobs flee.

Watch this incredible video for yourself ( and learn more about the personal injury lawyers’ “lawsuit lottery” scam.

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