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LOGA Statement Concerning An Agreement Reached Regarding Governor’s Tax Package

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Baton Rouge, LA- Today, in response to ongoing conversations with the Jindal Administration regarding the governor’s proposed tax plan, LOGA is releasing the following statement:

 LOGA President Don Briggs stated, “We are pleased that we have reached an agreement with the administration on how to re-structure the severance tax incentives and sales tax incentives that apply to the oil and natural gas industry. We believe the proposal we have discussed with the administration will create more jobs in the oil and gas industry for Louisianans. The upstream sector of the industry that LOGA represents is supportive of the tax swap, however the midstream/downstream sectors are continuing to evaluate the plan.”

Briggs continued by saying, “Through our conversations, the administration has indicated that the oil and natural gas service sector would remain exempt from the sales tax on services. This is good news. Also, we have worked with the administration to retain and modify certain exemptions that are currently on the books in order to stimulate job growth and grow Louisiana’s economy. While a specific tax plan bill has not been drafted or filed at this time, the oil and gas industry certainly looks forward to reviewing the bill.”

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The Louisiana Oil & Gas Association (known before 2006 as LIOGA) was organized in 1992 to represent the Independent and service sectors of the oil and gas industry in Louisiana; this representation includes exploration, production and oilfield services. Our primary goal is to provide our industry with a working environment that will enhance the industry. LOGA services its membership by creating incentives for Louisiana’s oil & gas industry, warding off tax increases, changing existing burdensome regulations, and educating the public and government of the importance of the oil and gas industry in the state of Louisiana.