Louisiana AG Jeff Landry enters case challenging Texas bail system

Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry¬†has joined dozens of other prosecutors and former U.S. Justice Department officials challenging the bail practices in Houston as unfair to poor people. They argue that Harris County’s practice of detaining people on minor charges solely for lack of bail money is unconstitutional.

Landry thinks “that the ability for an accused person to afford bail should only be one factor when determining how much a bail obligation ought to be,” said Ruth Wisher, the attorney general’s office spokeswoman, Wednesday (Aug 9). “Justice is blind; and the application of law should be equal regardless of the alleged perpetrator’s zip code or bank account.”

Cash bail for misdemeanor offenses has become a hot topic across the country. The New Orleans City Council voted in January to end the jailing of poor people on low-level charges because they couldn’t pay for their release


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