LOGA’s CNG Bi-Fuel Expedition

CNG Frequently Asked Questions

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What is CNG?
CNG is a readily available U.S. produced resource that is created by compressing natural gas (which is mainly composed of methane [CH4]), to less than 1% of the volume it occupies at standard atmospheric pressure. CNG is odorless, colorless and tasteless. CNG is clean, abundant, and available.

What is an NGV?
NGV stands for a natural gas vehicle. There are currently three types of NGVs: Dedicated, bi-fuel and duel-fuel. Click here to learn more about how NGVs work.

Is CNG cheaper than gasoline?
Yes. CNG is cheaper and burns cleaner in your vehicle than standard gasoline. Click here to see a CNG calculator that breaks down the cost and savings involved in owning a CNG vehicle.

Can I convert my vehicle?
Conversion kits are now available for a vast number of vehicles today, but click here to see if there is one available for your vehicle.

What incentives are available for converting my vehicle?
Incentives, laws and regulations can vary by state. Click here to see information relevant to Louisiana, or click here to see other state’s laws.

What new vehicles are available for purchase equipped with CNG?
While the automotive industry is growing daily, a new focus is on equipping vehicles with CNG capabilities. Vehicle options range from light-sedans, to light and heavy-duty trucks. Click here to see the latest list of available vehicle options that fit your needs.

How safe is CNG?
CNG is a safe alternative fuel to standard gasoline. To learn more about the safety of CNG, click here.

Is there a CNG refueling station near me?
While new stations are popping up at a rapid pace all across the United States, you can click here to find a station near you.