Louisiana Spotlight: Bill Cassidy, Jeff Landry & more: Officials weigh in, lend support on marijuana permit applicants

Louisiana’s burgeoning medical marijuana industry could be a booming future business for some entrepreneurs, so when pharmacists and their business partners were vying for the state’s limited dispensary permits, they sought to leverage their relationships.

Pharmacy permit applicants provided letters of recommendation from a U.S. senator, state lawmakers, sheriffs, high-profile community members, health professionals, and anyone else they thought could help make their bids successful, according to documents provided to The Associated Press in response to a public records request.

Those written references seemed to carry minimal, if any sway, with the Louisiana Board of Pharmacy when sifting through the 21 applicants that eventually competed for nine permits around the state. Some applicants with heavyweight backers didn’t get a medical marijuana permit, while others without pedigreed recommendations won dispensing authority…


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