Louisiana state Sen. Sharon Hewitt in guest column: ‘Raising taxes is the easy way out’

Mark Twain famously said, “Never let truth get in the way of a story.” As the Legislature’s most recent special session closed and Gov. John Bel Edwards joined many in the Legislature in celebratory high-fives, what was left unsaid is just how much government spending, and the taxes we pay, have gone up.

When I took the podium minutes before the vote was cast to raise your taxes $460 million, I laid out the facts on why I would vote no. In his celebratory news conference, the governor attacked my speech as being short on facts. As a former engineer and one of the first female executives in a corporation that was one of the largest in the world, I have never been short on facts nor accused of not doing my homework.

So, here are the facts I delivered that unfortunate day, and a few more that are just as important…


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