Louisiana’s energy industries employ 45,000, pay $4.3 billion in wages, economic impact report says

Despite hard times in Louisiana’s oil patch that have caused thousands of layoffs, the state’s energy industry continues to be a significant source of high-paying jobs for tens of thousands of people in almost every corner of the state, according to an economic study paid for by an industry trade association.

Last year, oil and gas production in Louisiana — including extraction, mining, pipeline operations and refining — employed 44,580 people, paying them $4.3 billion annually, the report says. That’s an annual average wage of more than $96,500, nearly double the state average, the report says.

The economic impact study, which is scheduled to be released this week, relied in large part on data collected by the Louisiana Workforce Commission. It was conducted by retired LSU economist Loren Scott, who has tracked the region’s economic outlook for decades…

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