McHugh David: Louisiana’s Legislature is Pinned in a Corner – Will They Fight Out?

Oil companies can only hope that the move works, but unfortunately there are other factors at work here. In a presentation by the Louisiana Oil and Gas Association at the most recent Livingston Parish Economic Development meeting, director of marketing and member development Ben Broussard dropped a few pieces of information that seem to have an effect on just about every industry which is labor-based: improved technology is allowing oil rigs to consolidate.

New drilling techniques are allowing companies, which may have needed two or three rigs to gather oil from a particular reservoir, to spread out from the initial drilling horizontally – removing the need for rigs two and three.

There are other issues, as well – Gov. John Bel Edwards, an attorney, has emboldened his peers to engage in “legacy law suits” against oil companies who operated rigs that don’t meet current stated regulations, but were lawful when they were constructed…


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