New Orleans councilman shelves proposal to sue oil companies for wetlands damage

Councilman Jason Williams shelved plans Thursday (July 13) to have the New Orleans City Council ask Mayor Mitch Landrieu to sue oil and gas companies for damaging wetlands that protect the city from storm surge. But Williams indicated he’s not abandoning the proposal.

“We do not have to accept full destruction of our coastline as inevitable. We can make significant strides today and in the days following to fortify the future of our region,” Williams said. “The coast is a dynamic, living system which, with necessary investment and care, can survive this downward spiral. We must build consensus and a strong coalition with all stakeholders on this issue.”

Williams had said he planned to seek a council vote Thursday on his resolution, and a Landrieu spokeswoman said the mayor was “still weighing all his options.” But Williams later removed the resolution from the council agenda…


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