Nigeria says ‘Power to the people!’

Like many working in the oil and gas sector in Nigeria, I am crossing my fingers that much-needed new legislation will be passed in the days ahead. Not only would it provide a confidence boost for the global investment community, but it would sure-up the domestic market and at last allow it to grow. If this miracle occurs and we do pass the PIB, it will be time to turn our attention to the next big issue and channel momentum to it.

It’s a shocking figure, but only one in four Nigerian households have access to the established power grid and even those linked up only benefit for a few hours a day. It is widely recognised that insufficient generation and wobbling infrastructure mean that regular blackouts and even load shedding are a familiar and all-too-frequent feature of life for many Nigerians.

We are an innovative people, though, and many have sought alternative arrangements for power provision in homes and businesses in personal fuel options. The few Nigerians who can afford them spend an estimated $0.40/kWh on generators, meaning one of the main expenses of the average household. But even generators only solve half the problem, as burning fuel in homes isn’t just expensive, it’s unhealthy. The fumes that fuel-powered domestic generators give off can be dangerous, particularly to children…


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