Now is the time: Open ANWR for incredible energy production

Now is the perfect time to adopt a no-holds-barred strategy of opening Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil production. An agenda aimed at removing the barriers to drilling within ANWR’s coastal plain would contribute to America’s long-term energy security, at minimal cost to the environment.

ANWR possesses what many geologists believe is the biggest untapped oil field remaining in the country. Opening up ANWR for exploratory drilling would send a powerful signal to the world that the United States is serious about maintaining its new status as an energy superpower and the world’s top oil producer.

Although oil imports have fallen sharply in recent years, the main thing U.S. drivers care about, gasoline prices, are affected by OPEC’s decisions as well as other political factors that shape global oil supply and demand. The U.S. still imports about 7.5 million barrels of oil every day. From oil production in Saudi Arabia to drilling in Iraq, not to mention energy decisions in China and political unrest in Venezuela, any one of a number of factors could affect prices at the gas pump. That’s not going to change unless and until the U.S. produces more oil than it consumes…


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