Rebuttal to Externalities of Fracking

The June 24 letter headlined “Externalities of Fracking” included a number of misconceptions, misrepresentations, and glaring inaccuracies regarding Ohio shale development.

The author suggests that the industry is destroying Ohio roads, but the evidence demonstrates otherwise. Between 2011-2017, oil and gas operators in the state have paid more than $302.6 million for road, bridge and culvert improvements through Road Use Maintenance Agreements. These agreements are used by counties to ensure road damages by heavy equipment being moved for shale drilling and pipeline work are either prevented or repaired. This funding has been used to improve 639 miles of roadways in the state’s eight Utica Shale counties.

The author implies the fracking process is not regulated, which couldn’t be further from the truth. Every step of the hydraulic fracturing process – from well construction to completion – is regulated at both the state and federal levels. Indeed, the oil and gas industry as a whole is one of the most heavily regulated of all industries, as it is subject to the EPA’s Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act and the Safe Drinking Water Act…


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