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A proposal to assess the impacts of relative sea level rise due to subsidence using industry knowledge base, data and technology


Some of the most vital infrastructure of the oil and gas industry is located in the major port facilities along the southeast Louisiana coast, and it is very likely to be impacted by the progression of subsidence and rising sea level in the coming decades.    The New Orleans Geological Society (NOGS) proposes the oil and gas industry assess its coastal infrastructure in southeast Louisiana by commissioning a set of academic research projects that make use of industry seismic data, knowledge base, and computer processing technology.    Each research project will study a specific area of the Louisiana coast covered by 3‐D seismic survey or surveys.  Each academic institution participating in the project would return an interpretation of near‐surface geologic structures that may be impacting surface processes including geologic faults and buried channels.   Additionally, each institution would attempt to estimate rates of subsidence using available data to make predictive models of the rates of relative sea level rise due to subsidence and its potential impacts on the land surface and nearby infrastructure. Initially, NOGS will bring together a coalition of industry partners to fund these academic research projects, seek out 3‐D seismic surveys available for academic research, and connect interested academic institutions with project data and funding.  The objective is to construct an atlas of surface faults and predictive patterns of subsidence that can be used for infrastructure assessment by the oil and gas industry. The atlas and its supporting academic research could also be available to other academic institutions for research as well as to governmental and non‐governmental entities that are interested in conducting their own infrastructure assessments.

You can view the full proposal HERE