SPECIAL REPORT: Bayou Bridge Pipeline

But for the Louisiana Oil and Gas Association Vice President Gifford Briggs, the $750 million pipeline project represents thousands of jobs and economic growth for the state that the association projects could bring in close to $18 million in sales taxes.

“We’ve been facing a downturn particularly in the oil and gas industry; a lot of people unemployed and a lot of those jobs will be able to come back through the investment that will be made through the pipeline,” Gifford Briggs said.

If approved, the Oil and Gas Association estimates close to 2,500 construction jobs and 12 permanent jobs.

Briggs added a pipeline is the safest way to transport the material needed to the Gulf refineries and export facilities and lessen the impact to our state’s infrastructure.

“You have a couple methods – you can transport it by rail, through train; you can transport on the road; and the pipeline without question is the safest for the environment and people,” said Briggs. “Instead of having truck after truck after truck transporting this crude oil from one refinery to the other, we can put it in the pipeline, build the pipeline safely, and then be able to transport that without having that additional pressure from our highway system…


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