Task force reveals massive reforms to reduce Louisiana’s prison population, save $150 million

Louisiana, a state with the highest incarceration rate in the world, could shed 13 percent of its prison population and save tax payers $150 million in the process over the next 10 years, leaders of a criminal justice task force will announce Thursday morning.

But reducing the prison population would require massive structural reforms — some of which have already proven to be controversial — which will include overhauling sentencing, expanding probation and parole eligibility, revising drug penalties, and easing some of the financial burdens on convicts.

The recommendations were officially released early Thursday morning after about a year of meetings by the Justice Reinvestment Task Force, which was tasked with reducing the prison population and recidivism in Louisiana. The recommendations are expected to be introduced as a package of criminal justice reform legislation this spring in the regular Legislative session…


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