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Be Thankful For These 12 Energy Developments In 2018

This year like all years has seen ups, downs, advances and gains. Yet from an energy perspective, there is much to be thankful for during this uniquely American holiday. Here is our 2018 year-to-date countdown of energy developments in which to be thankful:

12. No Peak Oil: In 2018, peak oil output did not arrive in the U.S. at the 6.3 million barrels of oil per day (MMbbl/d) level predicted by the EIA 2008 Long Term Energy Outlook. Our most recent Oil Comparables Weekly report shows the nation hit a new record of 11.7 MMbbl/d of crude and condensate production in the field last week, according to the latest EIA data.

11. Lower Emissions: Available 2018 year-to-date data for CO2 equivalent emissions from energy use are down 11.4% from data for the same period of 2008, according to EIA monthly data through July.

10. Strong Growth and Tame Inflation:  In 2018, EIA’s reference annual outlook for inflation is still 2.3% while the EIA’s short-term GDP growth forecast is 2.9% for the next four quarters.

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