WAGUESPACK: Reboot The Boot – It’s Long Overdue

As a dad, one of my duties at home is to be a “fix-it” guy. While I may not be the handiest person out there, I can usually put some “MacGyver-esque” skills to the test and find a solution to a wide range of challenges around the house. I’ve replaced a doorbell, repaired a few windows, laid down some tile, fixed a garage door opener, hung a few ceiling fans and kept an old AC unit running for a few years longer than it ever should have lasted. I can open a wine bottle with a shoe (seriously) and once repaired some reading glasses with a chopstick. You shouldn’t hire me to build your dream home, but I can usually cobble together a workable solution or two for a project around the house when needed.

Having said that, take it from a guy like me, there is no quick fix to what is broken in Louisiana state government. No patch can extend the shelf life of our current system, and no trick can mask its mounting problems. Duct tape and twine have been used to hold this thing together for as long as any of us can remember and the gig is finally up. The only solution is to replace what we have with a whole new model and never look back. It’s time to hit Ctrl+Alt+Del on Louisiana and reboot the boot.

Shortly after being elected Governor in 1928, Huey Long consolidated all the state’s power, patronage, money and assets under his control and leveraged everyone and everything that crossed his path. He expected you to pay respect and homage to him and his crew. The word got out that, in Louisiana, you had to know the right people to get anything done. That reputation still haunts us today…


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