What Happens When You Criticize John Carmouche’s Lawsuits? He Threatens To Sue You!

Yesterday we had a post here at The Hayride referencing Friday’s Wall Street Journal article on the cabal of trial lawyers working with Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards to sue the oil and gas industry for its supposed role in destroying the state’s coastline – a post which was merely the latest in a long line of coverage we’ve devoted to that issue.

We think the coastal lawsuit issue might be the single most destructive thing going where it comes to Louisiana’s economy, in that the coastal lawsuits are (1) of such dubious legal and logical value (clearly, the main cause of coastal wetlands loss in Louisiana is the fact the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers leveed the Mississippi River to its mouth 100 years ago, and in doing so deprived the wetlands of the sediment they would be deposited each spring), (2) so obvious a shakedown effort seeking settlements from oil companies – communications from the governor’s office serve as a dead giveaway to that effect even if it can’t be easily deduced and (3) so effective in driving oil and gas out of the state. Less than three years from the start of the coastal lawsuit effort in earnest, when Edwards assembled his cabal of legal eagles to induce coastal parishes and municipalities to join those lawsuits, South Louisiana has seen oil and gas exploration drop off to practically nothing.

Now, there are other reasons besides the coastal lawsuits for Louisiana to wither and die as an oil and gas exploration state. But if you talk to people in that industry, they will tell you those lawsuits have had a devastating effect on investment in new wells along the coast. And there is a shale formation along Louisiana’s coastline which should be drawing that investment – but oil and gas people are pretty adamant that nothing will be done until those lawsuits go away…


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