Who Runs Louisiana?

It’s 2019: a huge election year for Louisiana, and all the political messaging will be asking – openly or subliminally – “Who runs this state?” It’s a question the politicians have been forcing you to ask yourself for the past three years, as the Republican-controlled legislature (the state House, in particular) and the Republican Attorney General have wrestled with the Democratic Governor to assert party ideology and dominance over governmental policies and practices in Louisiana.

This year, voters are not only facing selections for governor and other statewide-elected officials, but will also be picking their next legislators. Those men and women will have, in addition to their lawmaking duties, the added responsibility for drawing new district lines following the 2020 Census – affecting Louisiana political outcomes for at least another decade into the future.

The potential rewards of that type of influence are immense, and so the political ads we’ll be seeing and hearing will expand beyond personal snapshots of those offering themselves for service to the state. Special interest groups are filling their war chests, stockpiling their ideological ammunition and prepping to launch their assaults via airwaves and cyberspace. These state elections will undoubtedly be the most expensive in Louisiana’s 207 year history…


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